27. - 28.10.2021

IndustryFusion Foundation Expo & Conference 2021

IndustryFusion Foundation Expo & Conference 2021


27. - 28.10.2021


Forum Volksbank Schiffenberger Weg 110 35394 Gießen Deutschland

The starting signal has been given: IndustryFusion Release 1.0!

This fall, the IndustryFusion Foundation will present Release 1.0 of the open-source networking solution IndustryFusion at Expo & Conference 2021 and cordially invites all interested parties to learn more about topics such as "Financing 4.0: Will purchasing and leasing soon be discontinued models?", "Pay per use - paid flexibly, depending on utilization!" or "Digitization - what are the practical benefits?

While the 1st day of the event (Expo) | Wednesday, October 27 is explicitly aimed at users who want to raise their manufacturing to a new level of efficiency with the help of IndustryFusion, the 2nd day of the event (Conference) | Thursday, October 28 is dedicated to all those who want to actively participate in the IndustryFusion ecosystem in their role as machine and plant manufacturers, component manufacturers or software developers.

The event is hosted by Volksbank Mittelhessen eG. The event will take place in the Forum Volksbank in a central location in the university town of Gießen (see picture). Due to the modern design of the hall with glass, steel and wooden elements, this location offers the right ambience - in modern and light-flooded architecture, an extraordinary venue awaits you!



Program October 27 | Expo:

10:00 Welcome by Volksbank Mittelhessen and the IndustryFusion Foundation

10:15 Keynote | Success Factors Automation & Digitization: Those who do not act will fall by the wayside!

10:35 This path will (not) be an easy one: How digital transformation can also succeed for small and medium-sized enterprises!

11:05 Talk round | Digitization in Practice - from the Lab to Everyday Manufacturing.

11:45 Coffee break

12:05 Financing 4.0: Will purchasing and leasing soon be discontinued?

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Usecases Part I | Digitization - what`s the benefit in practice?

  1. Transparency: Digitization - the key to production optimization
  2. Wear parts management: When production systems take care of replenishment on their own
  3. Resource efficiency: SmartFiltering saves valuable energy
  4. Standards: When plants automatically store data for documentation
  5. Uninterrupted media supply: Even safer and automated thanks to digitization

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Usecases Part II | Digitization - what's the benefit in practice?

  1. Occupational safety: Seamless monitoring for clean air
  2. Interoperable software - key technology for the Smart Production from tomorrow


16:30 ProductionSharing: Optimally utilizing capacities, maximizing sales and profits

17:00 End of the event



Program October 28 | Conference:

09:45 Welcome by Volksbank Mittelhessen and the IndustryFusion Foundation

10:00 Greeting from the patron

10:10 2011 to 2021: 10 years of Industry 4.0 - How innovative are German SMEs really?

10:30 IndustryFusion: The digital open ecosystem for industry

11:00 Simple procurement, efficient production, fast delivery: ProductionSharing - the market of the future

11:30 Coffee break

11:50 How data optimizes risk management and enables innovative financial products!

12:20 IndustryFusion Foundation: We are creating the digital infrastructure for a networked industry - globally unique identification, semantic interoperability, secure transactions.

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 On the way to climate-neutral production

14:30 The road to smart commercial real estate: How do we manage to develop the required data basis?

15:00 Trusted data spaces along the supply chain based on Gaia-X.

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Digital Twins, ML, 5G, and Edge-Cloud Computing are key factors to digital production

16:15 Talk round | IndustryFusion: Roadmap & Next Steps

16:45 Q&A session

17:00 End of the event